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Feb 2019

Simple & Classic

Simple & Classic is the new book on the shelf for 2019, for food lovers who need that helping hand to make the magic happen in the kitchen, freshen up on technique or master something new. It’s a biggie – 512 pages cover 123 recipes for any occasion (and it has an especially good baking section), all carefully chosen from my first three books.

I've included loads of my favourite recipes for everyday eating and sharing with friends, with everything from cobb salad (that’s the recipe on the cover) to roast lamb, Vietnamese herb salad to the perfect steak, plus desserts, cakes and bakes such as fudgy cheesecake brownies and the perfect lemon tart. All of the recipes are in full step-by-step format, to inspire confidence as you cook.

This is a single global edition, with both USA cup and UK/Worldwide metric gram measurements.

“Food blogs, with their step-by-step photos that capture the real drama of creating a dish, could render cookbooks obsolete. What to Cook & How to Cook It is a competitive bid for the printed tome.”


What to Cook & How to Cook It

You know you want to cook, you know what you like to eat, but have no idea where to start. This bestselling book is for beginners wanting to learn, make and share classic dishes - and for more experienced cooks looking for a new technique or brush up on some classic cooking. Every recipe is completely step-by-step, with a photograph for each and every step of the way.  

There are two editions: USA with cup and imperial measurements, and UK/Worldwide with imperial and metric measurements. The sample below is from the UK version, but rest assured it's all there in cups if you order in US English.

“Do you prefer ‘show’ to ‘tell’ when it comes to cooking? Each step of the process – from chopping ingredients to adding that last garnish, gets a crisp, mouthwatering photo in this back-to-basics manual.”


Fresh & Easy

Following up from What to Cook & How to Cook It, this book applies the same step-by-step theory to spring-summer focused recipes, with plenty of ways to use fresh ingredients and cook like you mean it from Spring, through the barbecue (grilling) season and beyond. 

This is a single global edition, with both USA cup and UK/Worldwide metric gram measurements. 

“Fresh & Easy turns the naff visual convention of
step-by-step cookbooks on its head, with plentiful, intelligent notes throughout. Rusty or disorganised in the kitchen? Then Jane Hornby is your friend. In fact, she’s probably the only friend you’ll ever need.”

What to Bake & How to Bake It

Great British Bake off fans across the globe, listen up - this is the book to help you become a better baker. It demystifies baking and will help you to make the best tasting and brilliant looking bakes - no matter what your baking experience. Every single cookie, cake, pie, tart, bun, swirl and dollop is photographed explained with full step-by-step instructions and photos (what else?). There's a full contents list in the downloadable sample, below. 

There are two editions: USA with cup measurements, and UK/Worldwide with metric measurements. The sample below is from the USA version, but rest assured it’s all there in grams if you order in UK English.

“Love Bake Off, but can’t bake? This book is for you. Beginners will find all their questions answered in this baking bible, which offers fool-proof, step-by-step instructions to recipes which include peanut butter cookies, brownies and a classic cheesecake.”

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